DISTILLED: A Sciences & Humanities Periodical

What are We?

DISTILLED is an annual, interdisciplinary publication that serves as a platform for informed authors to voice their ideas on various issues of increasing societal relevance. We are inspired by the belief that innovations in the social, natural, and physical sciences give rise to ethical and polical concerns that demand interdiscplinary discourse. 

Who are we?


Run by undergraduate, graduate, and professional school students at Yale University, DISTILLED brings together writers, editors, and artists with a wide variety of academic interest at various stages in their education.  

About our Issues:

Articles in our issue aim to provide the reader with an understanding of political, economic, legal, and ethical concerns that merit discussion.  Importantly, our authors use cited evidence and literature to advocate for changes to the status quo. DISTILLED is committed to presenting relevant issues in an unbiased manner–offering the reader different angles of each issue or policy.  

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